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Essential Oils

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I am very passionate about essential oils and use them regularly as part of my practice. The quality of the products I use with my clients is very important to me. doTerra essential oils are pure and powerful and I feel they improve the quality of my wellbeing and of my clients. 


I run classes on essential oils, demonstrating their effectiveness and how they offer amazing health benefits.  If you would like to learn more about them, come along to a class. 

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EVERY HOME needs essential oils as they can provide natural solutions for: 

Digestive discomforts

Tired, achy muscles

Feelings of anxiousness

Feelings of sadness Immune support Energy

Sleep issues Seasonal threats Head tension

Skin issues

In each class we will be learning about essential oils, why quality matters and how you can use them safely, and how you can buy them. This class is perfect for new people as well as returning customers who want to learn more. I look forward to sharing more with you.

Click below to choose a date that suits you for a health and wellbeing workshop: 

Health and Wellbeing workshop

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