Get your life back with Nutrition

I work with those who live with everyday pain from hormonal imbalances. I will help you get your life back, transform your health and guide you to live your life full of energy. Together we will take you back to a time when you felt in control, healthy and energised again. 

NEXT EVENT - The Really Happy Hormone Nutrition and Yoga Plan

Join us on a 4 week hormone balancing programme using nutrition and therapeutic yoga starting on Monday 2nd November 2020!

Are you struggling with mood swings, bloating, tiredness, hair loss, weight gain? Do you have constant demands on your time and are always rushing around which can lead to stress, irritability and exhaustion?

This course could be just what you need.  Click here for more details and how to book.

Blending together nutritional advice as well as therapeutic yoga to help you to nourish and nurture yourself, the Really Happy Hormone plan is an easy to follow 4 week online programme.

Transform your life

Get back to feeling your best without the pain, with an abundance of energy and your life back. Are you stressed and overwhelmed due to the debilitating pain? Does everything else get ignored when you get these bouts? Perhaps you are fed up of having to constantly put your social life on hold, not be able to play with the children or help with their homework because the pain of endometriosis is too much to bare.


My name is Jeyanthi Nair and I am a registered nutritional therapist, based in London. I work with women over 20 who are struggling with endometriosis and their menstrual cycle and help them transform their pain through nutrition and health coaching. I offer this through 1 to 1 consultations, online programmes and workshops.  


Book a complimentary energy review with me today so we can get you started on this life-changing journey.

How to really look after yourself when suffering with hormonal imbalances 

Download the e-book to find out how to manage your cycle and get your energy back!

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