Get your life back with Nutrition

I work with women who struggle with hormonal imbalances. I will help you get your life back, transform your health and guide you to live your life full of energy. You will get to understand how to shift that stubborn weight, how to work through menstrual issues and why you feel so depleted of energy  so you can feel in control, healthy and energised again. 

Transform your life

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Get back to feeling your best without the pain or extra weight, and replace it with an abundance of energy and get your life back.


You feel exhausted most of the time and you don't know why. Perhaps you are experiencing painful, erratic or missing periods and also gaining weight for no apparent reason. These can be due to hormonal imbalances.


My name is Jeyanthi Nair and I am a registered nutritional therapist, based in London. I work with women over 30 who are struggling with their weight and their menstrual cycle. We will dive into the root causes, and help you take back control of this through nutrition and health coaching. I offer 1-1 consultations, online programmes, webinars and workshops.


Book a complimentary energy review with me today so we can get you started on this life-changing journey.

How to really look after yourself when suffering with hormonal imbalances 

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