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Jeyanthi has helped hundreds of women realise their weight loss goals and balance their hormones through nutritional therapy. Here are a selection of reviews from just some of her clients:

“I can highly recommend Jey (Soulnourish). I benefited so much from the advice, support and guidance I received. Jey has great knowledge with regards to nutrition and wellbeing and demonstrated this with high level of professionalism and enthusiasm -excellent service.”

…Janice Henry-Tonge:

“Jey is knowledgeable and well researched in every aspect of doTerra essential oils. She is approachable and always ready to encourage the use of the oils to support the body. She is professional and enthusiastic always interested in supporting your specific concerns whether big or small. A great nutritional therapist and who always seeks to go the extra mile. I highly recommend her.”

…Sonia Barnes

“My experience with Jey has been amazing. I met her as a nutritionist and we worked really well together.. for the first time I got to know someone who was interested in my soul and she was understanding my problems not only on the really common “ body weight “ problems but also on the psychological point of you… so she introduced me first to a new way of eating and she gave lots of recipes that I am still using and I love cooking them all the time …after sometime I asked her to become my Life coach… as I understood that I really loved taking to her and she can really help you to face your fears and problems. So for me she is just great and she is a very skilled person on both the nutrition and the coaching aspects. If you need to change your life get in touch with her and every time your session ends you will feel so so good and peaceful and ready to face the new challenges of life. Also she knows a lot about the properties of the essential oils. So she is just an amazing person and everyone should meet her and get her advice.”

…Lavonia Coppolla

“Jey has an incredible knowledge of the products and really spends time listening to what your asking help for. Also she’s very patient and an all round lovely lady to chat with some quite personal symptoms. I can highly recommend her!”

…Jo Bulbrook

“Just wanted to let you know that I firmly believe that every person you meet comes into your life for a reason, some to learn from you and some to teach you. I came across you at a time in my life when I needed to learn how to look after myself and my need to do it with out chemical intervention if I could.

You taught me to look at things I had never really thought about, I needed to take a deeper look into my life in order to manage my hormone imbalances and reset my life onto a more present path.

At first I listened and executed the easy wins, changes in diet and lifestyle were all things I knew about but you broke everything down and made them achievable. The not so easy were the deeper self learning items. Initially I couldn’t see what was in it for me.

However through guidance and perseverance you managed to unlock so many things that I had no concept of. It was and still is hard work, it’s cathartic and fulfilling all the same time. The teaching and practice comes slowly and the learning comes much later, when you least expect it.

In more simplistic terms:

Before I met Jey my hormones were all over the place, mood swings, no energy, no interest in anything and general lethargy, as well as all peri menopausal symptoms I don’t need to detail. During the time we worked together I found my peri menopausal symptoms easing, and my energy levels rising. It’s is now almost three weeks since my last session and I feel much more like my old self again, but somehow better, more energetic and enthusiastic about life again!”

…Kirti Mistry

“Before working with Jey, I was unsure what I was getting into! I was peri menopausal, tired all the time, pretty much addicted to sugar, I was eating far too much junk food and exercise was not part of my routine. My weight was a major trigger for me in my relationship with my mother. I was on two blood pressure tablets and was pre-diabetic.

After working with Jey, I am much happier within myself, I am still overweight, but I am making much better choices with the foods I choose to eat and I have started to lose weight. My attitude has changed towards food, if I do not make the best choice in what I eat, all is not lost, I make a better choice next time. My moods are better, I am much more positive and exercise is part of my routine, I’ve started to miss it if I don’t go. I go to gym and I also attend classes and have met new people I am making progress and I am building intensity in the exercises I do. I am no longer addicted to sugar. I can take it or leave it now, I didn’t think it was that easy! I have started to meditate every day and I write in my gratitude book every day. I am on one blood pressure tablet and I am no longer pre-diabetic.

At first I listened and executed the easy wins, changes in diet and lifestyle were all things I knew about but you broke everything down and made them achievable. The not so easy were the deeper self learning items. Initially I couldn’t see what was in it for me.

Food was a symptom of how I was feeling and once I started to sort out my emotions, take time to look after myself and value myself, I then stopped letting food control me. I have learned to nourish my body rather than feed it to try and make myself feel better. I am listening to my body and I notice the differences in how I feel, and also how much I can do. My relationship with my mother has improved as I am no longer defensive about my weight, I can talk openly about what I am doing to look after myself.

Jey, thank you for providing me with the tools to help me through this journey. I now understand that it is not only about food, it’s about me. I am able to recognize when I have not made the best choice but I don’t just give up, I am much more in touch with my emotions so recognizing them prevents me feeding them. This has been a revelation for me.

…Yvette Watson