Are you feeling negative towards the menopause?

menopausal woman

In our society, there are many negative connotations associated with the menopause. Lots of negative words are portrayed in the media and in literature related to Menopause: ovarian failure, oestrogen deficiency, atrophy of breasts and sexual organs, women outliving their ovaries, menopause is a system shutdown etc.

Many younger women in particular may already be feeling a negative feeling towards menopause. They may have seen their mothers, aunts, sisters, grandmother going struggling through this and feel it’s inevitable that it will happen to them too. 

So is it any wonder that women are terrified when contemplating Menopause and even more so when they realise that it is happening to them?

The loss of fertility can also be a real loss to women with a sense of grief, whether or not they intend to have more children. It is rare in nature for mammals to survive beyond reproductive years so what is the use of surviving if you cannot reproduce?

But maybe we need to rewrite the dialogue. Menopause is an opportunity to focus on yourself, to revaluate your life and instead of thinking in terms of being alive for the purpose of reproduction, really focusing on your needs and what you want.

It doesn’t have to be painful either, with Nutritional Therapy able to help you minimise the symptoms and much more than that, help you focus on your mental health and develop a positive attitude towards this inevitable transition in your life.

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