Blood Sugar Management

Mature woman doing blood sugar test at home in a living room. Selective focus to her finger.Nutritional Therapy is the ideal therapy for anybody who is concerned about weight gain or who has been diagnosed as pre-diabetic as a result of high blood sugar.

It is not a substitute for insulin or medication, but it can be very effective at keeping your blood sugar at a safe level if you have type one or type two diabetes.

High blood sugar is extremely damaging to health over the long term and can lead to organ damage or failure, eyesight degradation, high blood pressure and much more.

Managing it, especially as you are getting older, is the key to having more energy sustaining a healthy weight and boosting your overall health and wellbeing. With type two diabetes increasing at alarming rates, especially amongst young people, it’s a good idea to get your blood sugar under control as soon as you realise you may have a problem.

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