Premenstrual Syndrome

PMSDo you find that ten days before your period you bloat up, maybe even going up a dress size? Do you become increasingly irritable, teary or anxious? Are you clumsier than normal, bumping into things or find that you can’t park the car straight however hard you try?

You may well be suffering from premenstrual syndrome (PMS). A common condition caused by a fluctuation in hormones, it can be easily controlled with the right diet, lifestyle changes and supplements.

The good news is that PMS can not only be controlled, but simple changes can improve your overall health and increase your energy levels, especially important if you have a demanding career or young children to care for.

If you would like to explore nutritional therapy to tackle your PMS systems in a safe and natural way that won’t impact upon your term health or fertility, complete the form below and book your free, initial consultation. I will start with an assessment of your symptoms and then look at underlying factors that may be aggravating your symptoms. We can then work out a plan together and make PMS a thing of the past forever!