Skin Conditions

Smiling girl  applying facial moisturizer while holding jar and looking at camera. Portrait of young black woman applying cream on her face isolated on beige background. Close up of happy attractive beauty woman caring of her skin.Skin conditions can develop at any age and may hereditary or as a result of allergies, long-term illnesses or auto-immune conditions.

Common skin conditions I have treated range from  eczema and psoriasis to  pityriasis rosea, dermatitis and hives.

The skin often reflects what is happening within the body and is an external symptom of a deeper issue, whether that is stress, hormonal imbalances or vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This is where nutritional therapy can really help, as it focuses on making dietary and lifestyle changes in order to correct any imbalances, boost the immune system and promote overall health health, minimising the chances or outbreaks in eczema, psoriasis and other painful or itchy skin conditions and greatly alleviating the symptoms when they do occur.

If you are concerned about a skin condition and would like to explore nutritional therapy as a safe and natural way to manage your symptoms, then complete the form below. Your first consultation is completely free of change.